Yellow Xanax Bars

About Yellow Xanax bars –

Yellow Xanax bars are the popular pills of the Xanax brand that are available as per the doctor’s prescription. People in the United States have been using Xanax bars since there are many different sellers of the same drug. When you buy Yellow Xanax bars online, you’ll know that are various uses of the drug. It will be prominent for you to get the prescription after knowing the actual usage.


It won’t be wrong to say that Yellow Xanax bars are the most commonly prescribed medication of the Xanax brand. The drug is helpful in treating anxiety disorder and panic attacks. Many people may not be aware of the side effects that may occur when you misuse the drug. Yellow Xanax bars have been in use since October 1981 after the drug got its approval from the FDA.

Although it is illegal to purchase a drug without a prescription in the United States, many do the same. The tablets of Yellow Xanax bar comes in 2mg form, which is common among all Xanax bars. As the name suggests, the pills are of yellow colour and rectangular shape. The Yellow Xanax bar comes with an imprint of R 039, which makes it different from the other brand versions of Xanax. Most people also call Yellow Xanax bars a “school bus” for their shape and colour.

Does Yellow Xanax bar feel the same for everyone?

There are different variants of the drug that may differ in impact on the human mind. However, the effect of the drug is the same in every proportion. Xanax comes in 0.5mg, 0.25mg, 1mg and 2mg tablets. Your doctor will prescribe you the dose that best fits your health and requirement. 

Here is a list of factors that may determine how you feel with Xanax dosage –

  • The mental state of the person
  • Age and weight
  • Metabolic rate
  • Dosage count

A doctor will determine the correct dosage amount that your body requires. If you increase or decrease the amount without your doctor’s consent, there can be various consequences that you may need to suffer. Some people have experienced the unwanted effects of the drug due to carelessness.

The medication of Yellow Xanax bar is helpful as an anti-anxiety treatment. You may come across sellers on the roadside who are selling Yellow Xanax bars of fake quality. If you have to get Yellow Xanax bars online for sale, you need to have them from a genuine seller.  

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